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When the discomfort of the digestive system makes that hard, the digestive health specialists at HK hospital are here to help you feel much better. Sometimes, your digestive symptoms can be cared for without surgery and with simple lifestyle changes. If that is the case, we will guide you on your path to wellness, offering help with things like weight loss and creating a healthy and delicious nutritional diet plan.

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General People Frequently Ask Question

What food restrictions do we need to follow in a jaundice?

Literally none, there are so many types of jaundice which do not require any kind of food restrictions. In a condition called cirrhosis, we advise them to restrict salt to 3-5gm/day. Cirrhotic with altered sensorium (mentation) animal proteins should be avoided. In case of obstructive jaundice, if it is due to stone formation then regular diet is recommended. 3-4 hrs after ERCP. Nevertheless, if it is a result of cancer involving small intensive, doctors will advise you about the best available treatment procedures.

What is Gas?

What is Gas? Gas itself is the occurrence of different symptoms for a variety of people. Some describe gas when they experience abdominal bloating; some call it gas for belching. For some, it may be chest pain and for others, it may be just constipation or excessive flatulence. It is important to tell the doctor what you exactly meant by gas. Joint pains and headache cannot be gas.

What are Hepatitis B & C?

Hepatitis B virus can cause acute hepatitis and chronic hepatitis C. 90% of acute hepatitis resolves on its own without treatment remaining 10% enter into a chronic phase that requires effective treatment.